The 1st Brazil Japan Symposium on Advances in Digital Television aims in the scientific and technological cooperation between Brazil and Japan in the digital television area established in the ISDB adoption agreement as basis for the Digital Television Brazilian System (SBTVD).

Having as main purpose to establish the trade of information for disclosure of ongoing innovative works in the digital television scope in Brazil as in Japan and to promote partnerships among institutions for cooperative works in areas with international cooperation potential in the subject digital television.

It’s organized by the Integrated Systems Laboratory (LSI) of the Polytechnic School (EPUSP) of University of Sao Paulo, with the support of the Technologic Integrated Systems Laboratory Association (LSI-TEC) and the financing of the National Council of Technologic and Scientific Development (CNPq).

The event will be held in December 6, 7 and 8 in the Butantã Campus of the University of São Paulo, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, and have as target audience professionals of the digital television area, including researchers, developers and entrepreneurs, forming a propitious environment to the trade of experiences and to the formulation of innovative solutions.